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The Diversity Dividend

The Diversity Dividend: A webinar about Inclusion and Opportunity in the Sports Business​​​​​​​

Recent events have turned the spotlight back onto issues of racial equality and opportunity across all areas of life and in business.

In sport much of the talent which fuels the sector is of BAME origin, but these groups are hugely under-represented in the executive ranks and in the boardrooms of sports clubs, Federations and agencies.
Our discussion will focus on inclusivity and diversity issues in the sports business through the eyes of senior executives who have lived the experience.

The discussion will be moderated by Tony Simpson a Partner and Head of the Sports & Media Practice at Savannah Group. Beyond his Executive Search career, he is a Trustee of the Black Cultural Archives, an advisory Board member for Special Olympics GB.

He has, for the first time, gathered a group of senior BAME executives in the sports sector to discuss the issues they have faced personally, those  which impact others others and how the  current lack of inclusion and diversity impacts the sector.
They will go on to discuss solutions and explain why inclusivity and diversity is good for business and examine strategies for ensuring diversity and the resultant business dividends are not simply discussed but delivered.

  • Tony Simpson

    Partner and Head of Media Practice, Savanah Group.


  • Jason Gardener MBE

    President UK Athletics


  • Yath Gangakumaran

    Director of Strategy F1


  • William Louis Marie

    CEO, World Squash


  • Benita Fitzgerald Mosley

    CEO, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA


  • Michael Bolingbroke

    Former CEO of Inter Milan and Former COO of Manchester United